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Outsource tasks and activities in order to better focus on your core business.



Outsourcing activities (BPO) means focusing on one's core business and leaving repetitive or technically costly tasks to other companies and specialists.

By outsourcing your services to SBS S.A., you will benefit from our expertise in optimizing your costs and the services, while at the same time ensuring the quality and reliability demanded by your clients.

As a result of working with us, you will be able to concentrate in your core business and increase the profitability of your company.


Following our service level agreement (SLA), we adapt our services to your company culture, always maintaining the desired level of quality.


We offer a personalized implementation of full BPO for the management of all of your financial instruments, both in terms of their valuation and the corporate actions that are related to your securities.

Due to the different types of SLA that we offer, our experts are available at all times, especially those working in the context of opening new securities, data quality improvement and cost optimization.

We offer a complete range of solutions, ranging from a simple interface with a single flow to an "integrated repository" connecting several entities with multiple providers.


In addition, we have many specific business modules, such as the calculation of Lombard collateral values.


Our systems can also be either installed and operated in ASP (Application Service Provider) mode or directly on your servers in your machine rooms.


Within the specific framework of the management and distribution of financial information, we can carry out the following functions:

  • Analysis of data distribution

  • Optimization of acquired financial data and advice regarding this data

  • Consulting and optimization of your EDM platforms

  • Optimization of Bloomberg queries

  • Optimization of financial index contracts

  • Centralization of financial data

  • Detection of risks to suppliers and regularization of contracts.


The best solution for the optimization of your costs and reduction of audit risk

With our new Data-Hub installation, we will enable you to centralize all of the required information within your company. To perform this task, we will validate all of the information currently used, ensuring the necessity of this type of information, while selecting the best provider, at the best cost, to acquire the data required.


Once the information required has been finalised, it can be stored in our database. As such, information regarding the use of the database will be provided to you, thereby allowing you to perform automatic invoicing.


Our team has extensive business expertise in all areas of data management and is therefore perfectly qualified to help you analyse your data usage.

Optimization is our strength: we always ensure that we select the most suitable data provider while working towards possible cost reductions. Our consulting services include:


  • Data management strategy workshops

  • Business analysis

  • Architecture and design of the data flow in your organization

  • Translation of one data feed formats

  • Analysis of the data usage in addition to cost reduction proposals


Due to regular contract changes, licensing rules and user rights, the IT world is extremely complex. Our services range from training, coaching, delegation of qualified personnel, contract optimization and negotiation, portfolio and catalogue creation, inventory review and cost control, budget preparation, technology intelligence, and revision of procurement processes.

We offer the possibility of managing your supplier contracts, with a thorough analysis of each partner and, if necessary, the creation of a purchasing department and management of renewals.

ASSET MANAGEMENT (SAM Software Asset Management)​

Asset Management is offered as a subscription-based managed service, but can also implemented on-site when necessary.

The following services are offered: risk profiling of your publisher portfolio, implementation and assessment of processes, and assessment of key market tools. Our objective is to ensure that licenses are only acquired where necessary, and that any renewals / negotiations are carried out in a timely manner, while reducing the risk of auditing.


In a constantly changing world people due to mergers and acquisitions of companies and project management,  teams and managers are often destabilized. Consequently, projects that do not come to an end or are implemented in a non-optimal way can cause stressed and overloaded teams.

Our specialists support you and help you to carry out and accept the changes that are necessary, in teams or individually, by means of adaptations adapted to each situation.

This is why we provide support for project development and implementation, individual and group coaching, resumption of backlogged projects, change impact analysis, project management, definition of IT strategy and the  implementation of these strategies.


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